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Meet LAKRAN presents WOW

LAKRAN Procurement Professionals introduces WOW, our Way of Working Way of Working!

You may not hear it too often; Design Thinking in the purchasing sector. Still it can have a lot of added value. Design Thinking is not only a way of thinking as its name suggest, it is a mindset. A way of working, applied by our team of professionals.

You can now also use our Step-by-step plan

It can help you on your way to issues or challenges. For example within procurement, but also outside of it. This method is helpful in all kinds of scenarios. It helps you to look at issues and challenges in new and different ways. This results in surprising out of the box insights and actions, embraced by your team. It is not only thinking, but also doing!



This page takes you into our Way of Working. You will find the complete step-by-step plan with our supporting visuals. LAKRAN presents WOW is meant to help you tackle your issues. Take a look at this page, or are you looking for one of our other companies?

Step-by-step plan

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LAKRAN presents WOW is a way of thinking by LAKRAN Procurement Professionals