Customer case Strategy as a Service

Thanks to the workshop, we realized that in addition to the process-oriented, technical requirements, the vision must be on paper to realize change.

– John Walvoort

Kramp numbers 2017:




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The customer

  • Total supplier of parts, technical services and business solutions
  • Active in agriculture, garden & park sector
  • 500,000+ parts in the webshop
  • 150,000+ order lines per day
  • 2,600 employees, 21 branches, 19 countries
  • €790 million turnover in 2017
  • 4,000 suppliers and 225,000 invoices in 2017

Assignment LAKRAN

  • Organizing a Strategy workshop trough our Design Thinking method, focused on:
  • Re-evaluate requirements
  • Determining in which way and with which type of supplier the Supply Chain Connectivity and Strategic Sourcing can be shaped in the best way
  • Report-out: Merging the re-evaluation of the requirements with our internal market information


  • Through our Design Thinking method:
    • Empathy: Get to know the background of the users and the stakeholders
    • Define: Identify what you currently do: What can be improved, what have to stay this way and what is risky if it persists
    • Ideate: Inspire on the trends in the market and prioritization of requirements
    • Prototype: Come up with a sharp set of requirements


  • Supported vision
  • Determining priorities: what are the must-haves?
  • Sens of urgency. Given the growth of the organization, an internationally scalable solution is a must
  • Shortlist of software suppliers, fitting the architecture, processes and growth of Kramp
Strategy as a Service

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