Our core values

Our core values stand for what we do and who we are. It determines how we tackle things together as a team and how we do things differently than others.

We give the right example regarding personal leadership. We take active responsibility for everything we do and what we are responsible for. Whether it's about work, end result for customers, environment or social impact.


We try to do what we do as smart, quick and effective as possible. In any case, we live up to our promises.


We try to think more about value creation in logical ways for our customers, but also on less predictable sides. Saving expenses is not always our first and only reflex.

Great experience

We make projects memorable, we celebrate successes, do fun things and just have daily fun on the work floor.

Core values

Result values

What we do

Spirit values

Who we are
Can-do mentality

We do not just do what we say, we tend to do what others say that cannot be done. "impossible" does not exist with us.


We don't just focus on a diverse team, we embrace everyone who thinks differently, and we look for their perspective instead of condemning it.


We are actively wondering whether 'that which already exists' and 'that what others do' are the only solutions from which we can choose. We approach matters from alternative angles as much as possible and are gifted in coming up with new solutions.

LAKRAN Group photo